The Future of First Grade

IMG_3362Students entering first grade in the fall had an opportunity to visit the Chofu campus on June 1. Our future first-graders spent the morning learning the ins and outs of elementary school life.

As part of their authentic experience, the children rode the school bus with their teachers and then visited first grade classrooms for a variety of activities. First grade students helped the ELC students become acquainted with the classroom, playground and rules.

ELC students concluded their morning at the Chofu campus with a picnic lunch and playtime at Nowaga Park. Some students summed up the experience as “The best day of my life!” Students especially enjoyed “seeing the BIG kids,” “lunch and playtime at the park” as well as “all the different classes.”ELC teachers who accompanied the children were also excited to see current first-grade students who they had taught the previous year.

The ELC students returned to the Roppongi campus tired, but excited for their future adventures in first grade. (Jean Caskey, ELC Director)