Summer Enrichment: The Summer Passport Program

Every year, students from kindergarten through grade 11 are given the opportunity to enjoy a three-week learning adventure with the Summer Passport Program. The Summer Passport Program typically starts in June and continues until early July.

Summer Passport is designed to supplement ASIJ’s core curriculum but is available for both current students and visiting students alike. This year 197 visiting students attended along with 237 current ASIJ students, advancing their education and expanding their social circles.

The Summer Passport Programs offers a large catalogue of classes from science and technology to music and art. These classes allow students to spend their time on activities such as engineering robots, learning to play guitar and supplementing their language skills in a fun, encouraging environment. The hands-on and engaging nature of the Passport activities always leave students excited for the next day.

If you would like to learn more about the Summer Passport Program, you can visit the ASIJ Summer Passport Program website.