Lili Tan Teaches Abstract Art

On October 6, Elementary and Middle School students enjoyed a visit from an artist for a session on abstract painting. Lili Tan, a self-taught painter from Singapore, shared her art and some of her experimental techniques with our students.

In fourth grade, students have been studying what it means to be an effective communicator, one of our student learning outcomes. Ms. Koizumi’s class had the opportunity to work with Lili, exploring art as a medium for effective communication. Students learned that art does not always need to depict a person, place or thing, and that colors can be used to provoke and represent emotions.

Lili’s art lesson for one of our MS Drawing and Painting classes included pouring, splashing, drizzling and childlike play with brightly colored acrylics. When the paintings have thoroughly dried, the students will have a chance to enhance their work to bring out whimsical characters or stories. This was a fun extension of our learning outcome for exploring painting styles and art movements on mini canvas, which are now on display in the 1st floor art room showcase. (Mary Koizumi, ES Teacher and Jessica Swist, MS Art)

If you would like to learn more about Lili Tan or view her art, check out her website.