Kindergarten’s Sweet Potato Harvest

On November 5, the Chofu kindergarten classes got their hands dirty harvesting sweet potatoes.

Our wonderful gardener Ito-san planted the sweet potatoes during the summer and our students have been patiently waiting to help him with the harvest. When the time finally came, both kindergarten classes put on their boots and gloves and eagerly dug in.

It was hard work and students teamed-up in order to tackle the larger, more stubborn potatoes. In the end we had quite a haul! The children took some of the sweet potatoes home. Others are for math activities and art projects. Mrs. Kanoh (ES Secretary) even took some and made daigaku imo (candied sweet potatoes) for us to enjoy. The last of our harvest will be saved for planting next year. (Susan Huber, ES Teacher)

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