Shining a Light on “Snow Off-White”


On November 5-7, Middle School students  presented the musical “Snow Off-White” by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus—music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur—to full audiences. The story features Snow White (Phoebe Adams, grade 6) trying to save her kingdom from the evil sorceress Vilenty (Mina Ghosh, grade 8). Along the way, Snow White gets trapped with seven fairy Godmothers from various fairy tales: Temperance (Maika Takahashi-Kushner, grade 6), Periwinkle (Mari Ishii, grade 6), Malicity (Maia Peacock, grade 7), Whisper (Chloë Murdock, grade 7), Mother Iko (Varnika Mithal, grade 6), Narcia (Sara Hagiwara, grade 8) and Destiny (Bridget Hickey, grade 8). Snow meets a wanna-be hero prince (played by Cory Nguyen, grade 8), Sleeping Beauty (Miyu Tamura, grade 7), a henchman who is changing his ways (Nio Kwan, grade 6) in addition to many friends who help save the day.

The work and adventure of putting together “Snow Off-White” paid off in laughter, music and good fun. In playful costumes, designed by Naomi Hoff, and on a beautiful set, designed by Brendan Sarsfield (HS Art Teacher), over 50 cast and crew presented the wonderful story with humor and talent.

A show like this is as much about learning as it is about storytelling. The students grew in confidence, performance skills, teamwork and dedication. The hours of work translated into fun and pride in a job well done. As some of the students said themselves; “The MS play opened my eyes to the art of acting, teamwork and other amazing things that could not be achieved by any ordinary act.” – Cory Nguyen, “This experience was a big, huge flower garden, full of joys.” – Akemi Hosoya (grade 6); “It’s always a challenge to put on a show and work together with everyone to try to make things perfect but, in the end, it’s just time to PLAY.” –Sophia Smith (grade 6)

As a director, there is no greater reward than watching the joy of students discover all they can accomplish together. I am so proud of each participant on and off the stage. I am also grateful for all those who supported the show—including those mentioned above as well as Mindy Coon (ES Teacher), Anita Gesling (MS Teacher), Ed Gilmartin (Theater Manager), Glenn Hoskins (MS Teacher), Andrea Johnston (MS Teacher) and Kathleen Nickle (MS Teacher). Extra special thanks for the support from FOFA and our FOFA parent liaisons Yoko Krueger and Kavita Sonkiya for their constant support, help and organization with parent volunteers. Their assistance is vital to our programs. (Catherine Berghahn, MS Play Director)

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