Middle School Art Students Practice Mindfulness


Inspired by Australian artist, Elspeth McLean, the Middle School Drawing/Painting and Craft Design students practiced mindfulness, a mindset of being in the moment, by painting tiny dots arranged in a radiating pattern. Students used their art knowledge of positive/negative space, color combinations, monochromatic colors, warm/cool colors, tints/shades and patterns. During Middle School SEL (social, emotional learning) lessons, we practiced mindfulness, being in the moment through breathing exercises and showing gratitude. This painting lesson is an example of one more way to slow down, de-stress and be in the moment.

Reflecting on the activity, students found different values in the art form.

Right now finals and tests are going on, a lot of pressure and stress. Stone painting is a time for me to calm down. My hands need to be calm and still in order to create a beautiful stone. Stone painting is a way for me to clam down and forget about the stress. (Sophia, Grade 8)

I thought the meditative dotillism stone painting project was really fun. It was definitely one of my favorites. It was simple, yet the results were very pretty. (Olivia, Grade 8)

It was a unique new sensation to paint on a stone. It was relaxing but needed high concentration. I think I will give it to my family. (Eugene, Grade 7)


In the spirit of the holidays, many of the students will be giving their works of art as gifts. You can view Elspeth McLean’s work on her website. (Jessica Swist, MS Art Teacher)