Ninjabotics’ VEX Victory in South Korea

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Our robotics team, Ninjabotics, continued their 2015-2016 VEX Competition season by attending the 2016 VEX Korean Nationals on January 23. Two of our teams attended the competition, 901A (Joshua France Grade 12, Shunsuke Fukuzumi Grade 12, David Hansol Sohn Grade 12, Matt Sams Grade 12, Sally Maeda Grade 11, William Zhang Grade 11, Diva-Oriane Marty Grade 10) and 901B (Tonio Stillman Grade 12, Kenshin Davitt Grade 10, Kai Weiss Grade 10).

901B had earned 2nd place in the November 13, 2015 Japan VEX competition. The 901A team that had the opportunity to travel to South Korea consisted of team members from  multiple “901” teams.

Ninjabotics’ participation in the competition had been determined at the last minute, a week before the winter break. Typically, Ninjabotics competes in one competition per year—two if they qualify for the world championships. However, their drive to continue competing led them to the VEX Korean Nationals.

Considering 901B’s previous success, they made only a few minor modifications to their robot. On the other hand, 901A proceeded with a plan that would put everything on the line. Ninjabotic’s 901A worked hard and aimed high, building a new robot in only a couple of days. Their idea was to build a 6-motor, single-wheel launcher that would have the capability of obtaining a top 30 world programming score and qualifying the team for the World Championships. Part of the team came in the day after their semester exams in order to build the robot by the deadline.

Despite the time crunch, they were quite successful—able to put together most of the robot. After winter break 901A returned to campus and spent the week before the competition completing their work.

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The day before leaving for Korea, the team had finished a robot with an extremely high firing rate, but ran out of time to work on its accuracy. Having kept the original 901A robot as a backup plan, the team made its final decision moments before leaving school that Thursday night. Team 901A decided to compete with their original robot, using modified and improved code written by Cameron Franz, grade 11, who could not attend the competition. At the Korea Nationals 901A earned the third highest driver skills score.  

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901B, led by team captain Tonio Stillman, followed up their previous success and became Tournament Champions for the VEX Korean Nationals Championship! Their catapult system differed from all the other 901 teams and brought them great success this season. (Diva-Oriane Marty, Grade 10)