Tokyo Tech Takes the Mic at ASIJ


As our high school science offerings expand into research opportunities for students, the need for more collaboration with science professionals in Tokyo has become apparent. That is why on February 26, fifteen students and faculty from Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology visited ASIJ to present their senior science projects.

Our students are beginning to benefit from new relationships with scientists, universities, specialized science high schools, research facilities and industry. The foundation of our relationship with Tokyo Tech High School began in the fall of 2015 when several of our faculty and administration visited to learn a bit more about their research opportunities for high school students. Since then, we have been working on developing an ongoing partnership with Tokyo Tech High School. Our goal is to develop joint research opportunities that enable our students and faculty to learn from an institution with an educational base in science and technology.

Their presentations on February 26 were the beginning of our peer-to-peer exchange. These culminating science projects included six to eight months of research and ranged in topic from Architectural Design: “4 Towers 4 People 4 Creations: The Integration of Art Studios into Residential Communities in Tokyo,” Applied Chemistry: “Preparation and Characterization of Temperature-responsive Poly (N-isopropyl acrylamide) Hydrogels,” Information Systems: “Development of Extendable Smart House System” and Mechanical Systems Engineering: “Development of a Linkage Mechanism that Miniaturizes Human Arm Movements.”


Not only did these projects inspire our science students to see the kind of work possible by their peers, it also was an excellent opportunity for students to engage in conversation with Japanese students through spending the day together and enjoying high school activities, including a SAIL competition, lunch and participating in a joint seminar on current issues in Asia, hosted by Bapi Ghosh (HS Social Studies Teacher) and his Japan Studies class.

Thanks to cooperative efforts between The Japan Center and High School Science Department, we were able to establish a more collabrative relationship with Tokyo Tech High School. Our High School Science Department is looking forward to expanding these relationships and opportunities for our students. We invite parents or ASIJ alumni who have expertise in a science field, and are willing to facilitate opportunities for our students, to contact Beth Crissy (HS Science Chair).

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