Visit from the Executive Director of the Council for International Schools

Jane Larsson, Executive Director of the Council for International Schools (CIS), and one of the founding directors of the International Task Force on Child Protection, visited ASIJ on February 26th. CIS is a global non-profit membership organization, providing international accreditation, leadership search, educational recruitment and research services to primary and secondary schools around the world. The CIS community includes 697 schools and 508 colleges and universities representing 112 countries. Jane has served the international education community for 20 years, with a focus on the development of collaborative partnerships to enable and support educational exchange and the development of international and intercultural perspective.
Jane currently chairs the International Task Force on Child Protection (ITFCP), which was formed in April 2014 to help international school communities address child protection challenges. Now a coalition of more than 90 volunteers, the task force includes leaders of international educational organizations, school leaders, counselors and teachers, working collaboratively across professions with law enforcement officials and the medical community. The ITFCP has created an Education Portal that provides resources for both parents and schools. The ITFCP is working with international agencies on issues related to child protection and generating best practices for international schools.

Jane met with Head of School Ed Ladd and other members of the ASIJ Leadership Team to provide updates on the progress and plans of the ITFCP, which is working to strengthen international background check practices. She also shared the latest data and information about efforts in international schools and other organizations to protect children from abuse.

“It was valuable to see the effort going on around the world in this area, and to see how far we’ve come in our own child protection efforts,” said high school principal Rick Weinland, who heads ASIJ’s Child Protection Task Force.