Middle School Japanese Students Put Their Skills to Work

On April 18, two groups of International Christian University (ICU) students and their professor visited Middle School Japanese classes. The ICU students are studying to become Japanese language teachers and some will be assistant teachers in Australian classrooms this summer. The ICU students observed how middle school students learn Japanese and the methods our teachers use to instruct. Our students interviewed the visitors and then introduced them to the class. Later in the lesson they learned more about the lives of ICU students and wrote, in Japanese, brief reflections on their findings. It was rewarding for our students to put the language they have been studying to use  with native speakers and for the ICU students to experience, first-hand, a middle school classroom. We look forward to welcoming the ICU students back in May, when they will actually teach a lesson, prior to departing for Australia. (Anita Gesling, MS Japanese)

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