High School Musical Hits the Stage

Disney’s High School Musical debuted on the Disney Channel in 2006 and this year, on its 10th anniversary, our high school students brought the stage performance to the ASIJ Theater from April 21-29. Brent Huber, HS Musical Director, reflects on another successful production.


Our rendition of High School Musical brought many of the recognizable characters and songs from the movie while incorporating some new tunes and even some new characters, honoring the movie with tribute shoutout dance moves as well as bringing our own unique vision of high school to the production.

“We’re All in This Together,” the theme of High School Musical, really resonates with what is needed for a production to succeed. Each year, it takes over a hundred students and adults, with a range of talents, to bring the spring musical to life. The cast and crew begin with just words and music notes on paper. Teams of diverse artists formed the notes into song and considered every thread in every costume. Lighting colors and cues were chosen and hung. Each prop, every screw and paint stroke, every note of music, every step of every dance, the placement of every actor and exact positioning of each hand, every interpretation and delivery of every word and song—all were designed, re-designed and refined. As corny as it all may sound, we truly were in this together.

If you missed the performance or want to reminisce, the whole show will soon be available on ASIJ TV. Additional photos are also available at the Darksea Studios Gallery (password: mustangs).

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