Grade 4 Fire Fighters: Tokyo Fire Department Visits ASIJ

On May 23, the Tokyo Fire Department visited ASIJ to teach all Grade 4 students about fire and earthquake emergency procedures, not only with safety in mind but also in conjunction with their recent science unit. Activities were held on the elementary school basketball court with the assistance of a team of firefighters from the Tokyo Fire Department, who walked students through fire extinguisher training, smoke survival and even an actual earthquake experience using a specially designed earthquake-simulating truck.
Mai Ideshita (Grade 4) shares details on their class unit and the visit:
Our science unit was about earth systems. We covered disaster preparation (including creating disaster survival kits), earthquake structures, erosion and rock formation.

The Tokyo Fire Department taught us about what to do when there is too much smoke to see (smoke tent), what to do when there is a big earthquake (earthquake simulator) and how to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher (with REAL extinguishers).

A big thank you to Nakayoshi-san (Maintenance Manager), The Japan Center and Dr. Thornton (Deputy Head of School) for helping with the translating, arrangements and support for the activities.