A Look at Elementary School Service

Elementary school students have been busy this year with a whole slew of service activities. From recycling to rainbow loom, our kindergarten through fifth grade students have put their heart into helping others.


In October, the Elementary School Student Council once again headed up a Rice Drive to support World Food Week in Japan. With participation from students of all ages and the support of the High School and Middle School student councils, everyone helped build a rice wall in the elementary school lobby with over 200 bags of rice donated. This sizable wall of rice was collected by Second Harvest Japan for distribution to those in need, with student council members assisting in the transporting and loading of the rice onto the Second Harvest truck.

Moving on to December, several service-dedicated students grabbed boxes of peppermint candy canes and walked Winterfest selling the spirited treat with proceeds going to the needy, as well as towards various environmental efforts and animal advocacy.

In April, three devastating earthquakes struck. Two hit Kumamoto and another in parts of Ecuador. Concentrating their efforts on support for the victims of loss as a result of these earthquakes, our elementary schoolers held a bake sale, raising more than ¥120,000 for relief efforts. In May, third grade students continued relief efforts for those in Kumamoto by raising money for the Association for Aid and Relief, Japan and by “opening their hearts for Kumamoto,” writing supportive messages on paper hearts. Kindergarten students contributed to support for the victims of the Kumamoto earthquakes by setting up several lemonade stands around campus. They sold cups of hand-made lemonade for ¥100 per cup with all proceeds donated for Kumamoto relief.

Remembering Tohoku, the elementary school recently received a gift for their support of the Tohoku Great Forest Wall Project. The project aims to plant nearly 300 kilometers of trees along the northeast coast from Iwate to Fukushima, in order to create a strong barrier against future tsunamis. Spearheaded by Makana (Grade 2), our second grade classes helped support the project by raising money to plant fifty trees.

The elementary students’ year-round efforts included composting for the school garden, making rice balls for the homeless every Friday and collecting soda can pull-tabs. The pull-tabs went on a particularly interesting journey from can-top to a nonprofit organization called Kamal Freda, who used them to create elegant formal and casual bags. Profits from the bags support the education of impoverished children in Manila’s Smokey Mountain area.

If you would like to read more about our elementary, middle or high school service projects, check out our previous posts.

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