Tokyo Institute of Technology Visits Biology Class

Beth Crissy (HS Science Department Chair) details a recent visit by professors and students  from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) to our high school bioengineering class.

On September 14, our bioengineering class and International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition Team welcomed another iGem Team, comprised of Tokyo Institute of Technology professors Dr. Masayuki Yamamura (Professor of Engineering) and Dr. Nobutaka Nakashima (Professor of Molecular Biology) as well as three of their undergraduate students.


The visiting team shared Tokyo Institute of Technology’s latest research connected to their 2016 iGEM project, focused on using mathematical and computer modeling to predict toxin and anti-toxin interaction in bacteria. As part of the visit, the team oriented our students on a computer program designed to mathematically model systems in molecular biology. Most importantly, the visit signaled the beginning of an ongoing partnership between ASIJ students and Tokyo Institute of Technology students.

Our next collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology students will happen when we meet at the iGEM international competition in Boston, Massachusetts on October 29, 2016 where both our teams will present their synthetic biology projects. Our iGEM students have spent the last six months working on their project, “Fast Pace PETase,” which focuses on optimization of an enzymatic pathway to degrade PET plastic safely and will be presenting the findings at the iGEM competition next month.

If you have questions or some expertise to offer in this field, please contact instructors Beth Crissy and Dan Tani.

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