Kahoot! Quiz in the Middle School Commons

Wesley Przybylski (Middle School Learning Innovation Coach) introduces Kahoot! quizzes and a recent friendly competition in the middle school commons.


On September 21, 60 middle school students gathered in the commons to play an educational game called Kahoot!, a device-assisted quizzing platform that turns regular multiple choice questions into an energetic gameshow with instant response, points and leaderboards. Middle school teachers provided questions for the game, carefully crafting each according to what students have been learning in their various classes this school year.

During the middle school session, enthusiasm was at an all-time high. Students cheered and laughed as they competed across grades. Exclamations such as “We just learned this!” and “I know this! I know this!” could be heard throughout the commons as each question was reviled.

The goal of the event was to celebrate students’ new knowledge and promote exciting learning activities in the middle school. It was awesome to see the excitement the students got from using the knowledge they learned in class.

If you would like to learn more about Kahoot! Check out their website.

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