The Elementary School Sports Day

On October 10, the elementary school held their own unique version of undokai that’s less competitive and gives the kids a chance to try out some popular Sports Day games.


In 1964, Japan hosted the first Olympics ever to be in Asia. The whole world directed their focus towards Japan for those historic weeks, when top competitors from around the world congregate, in top form, to challenge themselves at the highest level.

Since Japan’s summers tend to be hot and humid, the 1964 Olympic Committee decided to start the Summer Olympics a bit later than usual—the opening ceremonies were on October 10. Ever since then, to remember how important the Olympics were to Tokyo and to Japan, October 10 has been a National Holiday, Sports and Exercise Day, to remember this great event and to encourage people to be active and healthy. Now we celebrate it on the Monday closest to that day.

This year on October 10, teams of red and white rolled, tossed and tugged in three friendly challenges, as cheers of encouragement from their teammates roared from the bleachers. Our elementary school students enjoyed a big ball relay, bean bag toss and tug of war, popular undokai games. The whole event was organized by the Japanese teachers and was open for parents to spectate. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon of Japanese undokai and the opportunity for students from different cultural backgrounds to learn about this great holiday.