Campus of Terrors

It came from outer space…and also downtown Tokyo. The Creature from Another Planet rubbed shoulders with Frankenstein’s monster while elementary school werewolves roamed campus during the annual afternoon of Halloween hocus-pocus.


Parade day was grayer than a corpse’s pallor, but that didn’t stop a whole menagerie of monsters from scaring up some fun. While rain dripped from the eaves, spectator’s blood ran cold as ghosts, alien creatures and even giant jellyfish glided by. Particularly chilling were the killer clowns who were out in force.

The terror took an even more violent turn in fifth grade when a derailed rollercoaster had teachers screaming for their lives as they careered around the parade course.


It took a whole team of Ghostbusters from the elementary school office to rid the donut of ectoplasm following the ghoulish goings-on. Friday certainly wasn’t the Day the Earth Stood Still at ASIJ!

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