Exploring Mathematics Through Tech

Tricia Apel (elementary/high school math) explores the meaningful use of technology in learning and details, along with Tracey Reed (elementary school instructional technology), how they use an app called EDpuzzle to help students understand math.


This year I have been happy to share my experience in mathematics with the Elementary School as their new math coach. Recently, I have been working in the Elementary School with teachers and students to promote mathematical mindsets using an inquiry-based approach to learning mathematics.

Teachers are discovering the immense value to students in using this approach to teach mathematics, which focuses on ways of thinking and exploring mathematical concepts. Students are discovering that mathematics is a language that helps them communicate about their world and, most importantly, that mathematics is a tool that we all use in our daily lives to solve practical and abstract problems. While students need a strong foundation in number sense, they also need to be flexible with numbers and show persistence when applying their mathematical understanding to unfamiliar real-world problems.


The web-based program, EdPuzzle, is a tool our elementary teachers are exploring to help students represent and share their thinking about mathematical approaches and concepts. EDpuzzle allows you to add thoughtful questions and pauses within a video to trigger mathematical inquiry and thinking. The videos can come from a variety of sources, from student-created content to professional video. This allows teachers and students to personalize learning for each individual child in ways that provides the right level of challenge.

Ways we have seen teachers using EDpuzzle in the classroom include using student created tutorials, reinforcing mathematical concepts by reflecting on and analyzing lessons, and engaging the classroom with new material.

Another exciting element of EDpuzzle is that it allows teachers to access analytics based on student responses, making it a wonderful tool for formative assessment. The teacher can see the responses of each child or see all the responses for a particular question allowing for immediate follow-up and feedback.

EdPuzzle is one of many tools teachers are using to help grow mathematical mindsets and provide students with authentic applications of mathematics in the real world. If you would like to learn more, check out their website.