Model UN Represents in Shanghai

Sophomore Astrid Wihman writes about the Model UN’s recent trip to Shanghai to participate in the Concordia International School of Shanghai Model United Nations Conference (CISSMUN).


On January 20-22, a group of ASIJ students flew all the way to Shanghai, China, to participate in the Concordia International School of Shanghai Model United Nations conference. Continuing off of the high from the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools’ Model United Nations (IASAS) conference which took place in November, the students took to creating and debating resolutions for world-wide problems within chosen committees.

This year, team ASIJ represented Norway. Preparations for the conference began in early November, at which time students began to research the wide range of topics to be discussed in Shanghai. These topics ranged from enhancing food security in the Horn of Africa to combating the illegal trafficking of animals. The conference was an incredible opportunity for students to become more aware of political, environmental and social problems. Furthermore, it allowed for ASIJ students to collaborate, connect and unite (pun intended) with other students with similar interests.

ASIJ senior Varsha Shankar took the opportunity to serve as chair for the conference. According to her, “I couldn’t have asked for more from my last conference. My CISSMUN committee—although consisting of only 35 people—was endlessly diverse, immensely intelligent and exceptionally friendly.”

Outside of the conference, students had the opportunity to explore the city of Shanghai. This included a trip to The Bund—an area showing a stark contrast between Chinese architecture looking to the future, as well as Western architecture looking to the past. On top of this, students also had the chance to experience Shanghai-Chinese food. Not only were these memorable experiences, but they also served to help educate students about the local culture.


Participants in Model UN look forward to attending CISSMUN next year, and are excited to see what future conferences bring.