The Middle School Movie: I.F.

Cathy Berghahn writes on this year’s middle school movie I.F. Amber’s best friend is someone who gives her confidence and makes everything in life easier. But, she is not exactly the kind of friend everyone expects. Amber has a secret. And it is about to be revealed to her crush and to the whole school. She must make a choice between her crush or her best friend. 


What do you do with more than 50 enthusiastic and creative middle school students with a passion for telling stories and creating characters? You make a movie of course! On February 15, the middle school movie club held the premier of the movie I.F.

The cast and crew had been in production since November. The movie was an exploration of friendship and connections with some thought provoking twists. Full of middle school humor, drama and a bit of suspense, it was a big hit with our audience, stimulating much laughter and a few tears.

The show was put together with the original story idea from eighth-grader Willa Hale and seventh-grader Phoebe Adams. The leading actors included excellent performances by Hannah Mendoza (Grade 8), Keiko Tani (Grade 7), Micah Bailey (Grade 7), Atlas Loufti (Grade 7), and Mika Kobayashi (Grade 7), with a special cameo performance by Scott Adams (middle school principal). There were many supporting roles that brought humor and entertainment to the story. A wonderful group of student writers (sixth-graders Summer Cosgrove, Morgan Gilboe, Carter Schmidt and Anouk Hirano, seventh-graders Phoebe Adams, Tristan Datoc, Miles Foster, Hugo Hasegawa and eighth-graders Willa Hale and Jad Rubesh), directors (eighth-graders Kenneth Lem, Kevin Yang and Michio Sun), crew and performers put in many hours to do the impossible and put together the movie in such a short period of time. Under the leadership of our drama/video teacher David Neale, the middle school movie has become a highlight event each year.

If you did not have a chance to see the premier or if you would like to watch it again, I.F. is available to view and download on ASIJ TV.