Middle School Brain Bowl Competes in Kanto Plain

Eighth-grader Kevin Yang reflects on the March 9 middle school Kanto Plain Brain Bowl tournament at Aoba-Japan International School. 

Random trivia that you hear here and there could be of good use if you join the ASIJ Brain Bowl team. On March 9, 12 ASIJ students (sixth-graders Annmarie Hashimoto and Kunaal Chandrashekar, seventh-graders Sage Farrer, Shiori Harima and Matthew Kaung, and eighth-graders Ina Aram, Kai Etheridge, Reuben Fuchs, Anirudh Kumar, Kenneth Lem, Chloe Wu and Kevin Yang) traveled to Aoba-Japan International School for the Kanto Plain Brain Bowl Tournament.

The students separated into individual teams, each team consisting of four students from different schools. Schools such as British School Tokyo, Sacred Heart, Aoba and St. Mary’s also participated. The day was filled with lots of fun and events. Out of 29 teams, a number of our students placed high on the list–Kunaal, whose team placed fifth, Reuben, whose team placed third and Kenneth, whose team placed second.

The tournament required teamwork, communication and cooperation for the teams to be successful. Different topics included Japan, science, maths and current events. The first stage consisted of 12 rounds of questions, with 10 questions per round. During the second stage, the buzzer stage, participants required both speed and knowledge—pressing the buzzer more quickly than your competition while also answering correctly. While some teams participated in the buzzer stage, other teams had the chance to gain extra points with activities such as crossword puzzles and sudoku.

The final stage’s topics change every year, and I personally found this year’s especially interesting and also entertaining. This year’s final stage activities included matching paintings with their painters, guessing logo names and so much more.

Nobody knows everything, and contributed knowledge from individuals was what really made a team great. The Kanto Plain Brain Bowl Tournament was an amazing experience for all of us, and we would like to thank Mrs. Gesling (middle school teacher) greatly for contributing much of her time and effort into preparing us and working with the other teachers to prepare this amazing day for us and the other schools. For the sixth and seventh-graders, we hope you consider joining the team or continuing next year. For the eighth graders, we hope to see everyone in the High School Brain Bowl Team!