Moko, Taiko and Motos

Jody Fuller (elementary music teacher) congratulates taiko teacher Moko Igarashi for her recent feature in a Dutch magazine covering her other, non-taiko passion.

Taiko drummer and teacher Moko Igarashi celebrates her 20th year of bringing taiko to the students and families of ASIJ. Moko-sensei is a drummer, marimba player and also an accomplished pianist having studied in Europe and the United States. After living and teaching in the USA, she returned to Tokyo in the 1990s and established her taiko school, Miyabi Arashi, “Beautiful Storm.”

Moko introduced herself to many of the international schools and other organizations for expats living in Tokyo. In 1997, the Head of School at that time met Moko and asked her to teach at ASIJ. Some 20 years later, Moko is still sharing her vibrant spirit and limitless energy with all her students, families and communities. Through the experience of taiko, people have learned about Japanese culture and music.

The only thing Moko loves more than taiko is motorcycling. Check out this article recently printed in a Dutch motorcycle magazine.

Moko Igarashi, we congratulate you and thank you for all you have given to ASIJ! Omedeto Gozaimasu