The Gift of Collaboration

Tracey Reed (instructional technology coach) discusses the amazing opportunity of cross-divisional learning at ASIJ.

One of the great benefits of being on a K-12 campus is the opportunity for cross-divisional experiences. In many ways and for many years, ASIJ elementary kids have been mentored by high school and middle school students through peer-helper programs, science collaborations, and writing and reading partnerships.DSC_0009

It is encouraging to see the supportive relationships that are nurtured as a result of these programs and as a result of the great role models. The middle school and high school students are always eager to help by collaborating with our young mustangs on various projects.

This year, Beth Crissy’s high school biology classes worked with all our first-grade classes and Eileen Cancella’s high school chemistry classes collaborated with all our fifth-grade classes. Our elementary school heritage Japanese classes even took the opportunity to learn with the middle school Japanese classes.


It is a gift to enjoy collaborative opportunities and mentoring from our middle school and high school kids—interactions that foster compassion in the older students and inquisitiveness in the younger students.

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