Kindergarten Visits the Botanical Gardens

On May 11, Susan Huber and Heidi L’Heureux’s kindergarten students took a trip off-campus to the Jindaiji Botanical Gardens.

As the summer weather gradually rolls in, May 11 was a beautiful day to visit and explore the Jindaiji Botanical Gardens. Kindergarten students used the opportunity to explore the neighboring community, make decisions about what living things need and see the habitats in which they live. Teachers guided the students to investigate what the plants and animals need to survive as well as the relationship between the needs of different plants and animals.

The trip also allowed for social and Japanese language practice. The children made purchases by saying simple Japanese phrases, such as「ばらのソフトクリームをください」(“one rose flavor ice cream please”) and「ありがとう」(“thank you”). They even counted the money! Walking through the park, being sure not to get lost by reading the map, and making purchases prompted our kindergarten students to practice appropriate and respectful social behavior.