Middle School Japanese Students Help Future Teachers

Anita Gesling (middle school Japanese) writes on a recent visit from six International Christian University (ICU) students who are studying to become Japanese teachers.

IMG_1281 copy

In April and May, the middle school Japanese 3 classes helped prepare six International Christian University students to become Japanese language teachers to Australian learners. The ICU students are enrolled in a course that prepares them for this adventure and part of their experience included a visit to our Middle School.

In mid-April, the ICU students observed middle school classes. They helped with homework and engaged in conversation with the students as they soaked up the atmosphere.

Early this month, the ICU students taught an 80-minute lesson to our students. Great learning took place on both sides. Our middle school students appreciated both the youth of the ICU students and the change in pace from their regular classes. The ICU students also learned that lessons don’t always go according to plan and middle schoolers don’t always respond as you might expect.

After their visit, our middle schoolers commented on how fun the lesson was. The learning that took place in the minds of the ICU students is reflected in their comments, “The reaction of the children was different from what I thought” and “The most important thing is to be flexible.”

We look forward to hosting more ICU students next year. You can read about last year’s visit in our post Middle School Japanese Students Put Their Skills to Work.