High School Students Visit Oracle

Candy the Oracle Mascot was a recent hit with ASIJ High School students on a field trip to the Oracle offices in Tokyo in May.

Students interested in the fields of programming, marketing and corporate social responsibility were able to engage with representatives from the Oracle team and also met with two ASIJ alumni who now work for the company.

David Lane Clement, ASIJ parent and the Senior Director Global Account Sales for Oracle, facilitated the visit. Students were able to see the way data storage is managed on a massive scale for a company that specializes in cloud services and to learn about the way Oracle supports business structures through their range of technology services.

Oracle is also host to a range of learning resources through Oracle Academy and Oracle University, which are services that may provide future connections for programming courses at ASIJ.

Students in our Impact Program, our Entrepreneurial Japanese course and our Programming Courses were also able to see the kinds of projects that companies like Oracle engage with as a socially responsible company that understands the value of giving back to the community.

In the future ASIJ is looking for opportunities to provide mentoring opportunities for our students with companies like Oracle in ways that support and enhance their learning and their capacity to pursue passions.