Parade of Horror: Halloween at ASIJ

Move over The Thing, back in your coffin Dracula, get out of the way Fay Wray, there’s a whole parade of horror hitting ASIJ. Talk about double feature—from the ELC to Chofu, the school was plagued with unusual and terrifying sights this Halloween.


It may have been sunny outside, but chills shivered down spectator’s spines and their blood ran cold as a gaggle of ghouls, creepy clowns and malevolent monsters roamed campus. From Amazon packages come to life and walking vending machines to pirates and princesses, every grade was possessed. Even the ELC wasn’t spared this year as they were inundated with a variety of strange visitors.

When it came to fantastic beasts and where to find them, there was no question the elementary school was the place to be. Fifth-grade faculty fled in fear as they were chased by bulls, while a whole herd of unicorns escaped from the library. The office had to close temporarily as it was jam-packed with jellyfish and even a mermaid. Then there were The Birds! Kindergarten founded itself taken over by a flock of seagulls.

Friday certainly was certainly The Day the Creature Walked Among Us!

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