High School Brain Bowl Competes in the Kanto Plains Tournament

After a couple of bus rides and dozens of fun trivia questions, the ASIJ Brain Bowl team arrived at Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ) on October 12, ready to take on the annual Kanto Plains High School Brain Bowl Tournament for the third year straight. Team members report on the tournament.

A fast paced competition that requires accuracy and reflexes, the Brain Bowl round-robin tournament challenges teams with a variety of general knowledge questions. These questions usually include math, science, history, geography, Japan studies, English and current events. Everett Xu (grade 11), Alec Blagg (captain, grade 12), Kai Etheridge (grade 9) and Ritin Joseph (grade 11) represented ASIJ in four of the top fifteen spots as All-Star recipients, students who answered the most questions during the tournament.

Putting months of practice and acquired knowledge to good use, the team was also led by grade 12 students Aishwarya Kumar and Yuka Ma. Rounding out the Brain Bowl team, Noah Olgren (grade 12) and Maya Platek (grade 12), Leah Gesling (grade 11), Joseph Wildman (grade 10) and Alana Xiang (grade 9) also represented ASIJ in the Kanto Plains tournament. After a very tight competition, ASIJ placed fourth.

This year, we enjoyed the highest number of participants in practice since ASIJ returned to Brain Bowl three years ago. As we have a very young team, in terms of the club itself and the members, we are looking forward to learning, growing and continuing to have a strong showing at the tournament in coming years.

Can you answer any of these Brain Bowl example questions? (answers below)
1. History- Who painted the School of Athens?

2. Math- What is the largest prime number under 100?

3. Japan Studies- What is the second tallest mountain in Japan?

4. English- Which of the following is not a primary resource?
a. Documentary film
b. Diary
c. Interview
d. Ancient Relics

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1. Raphael 2. 97 3. Mount Kita 4. a