The Middle School Brain Bowl Team Competes at the Kanto Plains Tournament

Seventh-grader Morgan Gilboe shares her experience at this year’s middle school Kanto Plain Brain Bowl Tournament.

Is your head full of “useless” facts, figures and details? If you’re on the Brain Bowl team, that knowledge may not be so useless. On February 28, six ASIJ students (seventh-graders Wesley Maa, Annmarie Hashimoto and Morgan Gilboe and eighth-graders Matthew Kaung, Shiori Harima and Sage Farrer) traveled to St Mary’s International School for the Kanto Plains Brain Bowl Tournament, where they put their lifetime’s worth of information and experience up against their peers’.

Students were separated into individual teams, each consisting of four students from different schools. Many schools, such as the British School Tokyo, Seisen and St Mary’s, participated in the competition. It was a day of great fun, with many different events. Out of 24 teams, a majority of our ASIJ students placed well, with Shiori’s team taking fourth, Matthew’s team coming in third, Morgan’s team taking second and Annmarie’s team ranking first.

Cooperation, teamwork and effective communication were all necessary to succeed in this tournament. The topics covered varied, covering everything from current events to trick math problems. The tournament took place over the course of three stages, stage one being 11 rounds of 10 questions each. Stage two was a team versus team buzzer round, requiring both speed and smarts. While the other teams participated in their buzzer rounds, the remaining teams had a chance to score more points by doing sudoku. The final stage consisted of the novelty round, covering specific topics such as animation cels from Disney movies, Studio Ghibli characters and much more.

The cumulative knowledge of all our teammates and teamwork was really what made teams great. We’d like to extend our utmost thanks to Ms Gesling (middle school teacher) for contributing her time and coordinating us so we could truly have a great experience at the Kanto Plains Brain Bowl Tournament. We hope you consider joining the middle school Brain Bowl team next year if you are a sixth or a seventh-grader, and if you’re an eighth-grader this year, we hope you consider joining our high school Brain Bowl team.