The Kanto Plains Math Field Day

Math teacher Cathy Berghahn writes on student participation and performance in the middle and high school Kanto Plains Math Field Day competition.


On Wednesday April 18, 14 middle school and 12 high school mathletes competed in the annual Kanto Plains Math Field Day held at Camp Zama. Approximately 300 students from 11 Tokyo schools challenged each other in the morning at head-to-head events based on general math understanding and problem-solving skills. Students then joined teams with students from other schools to compete in a Tech Design Challenge involving building a tall and sturdy flower using a limited amount of paper and tape.

Finally, the student-competitors switched into mixed-age and mixed-school teams to take on a fast-paced Energizer problem-solving competition.

Congratulations to all of our ASIJ mathletes for their participation and achievement. Middle school participants include sixth-graders Louis Avondet, Amandine Bregeon, Aska Emery, Liam Emery and Eigen Schinaman; seventh-graders Takumi Harima, Annmarie Hashimoto, Koei Nakamura and Yuta Hata; and eighth-graders Matthew Kaung, Shiori Harima, Joey Matsunaga, Taiki Nagao and Yamato Okura.

High school participants included freshmen Juri Kimura, Eugene Kitahara, and Ryusuke Suehiro; sophomores Adela Crow, Vaishnavi Gorantla, Serena Landers, Justin Powell and Shreya Vailaya; and juniors Momoe Nomoto, Naoya Okamoto, Rito Tanaka and Ciaran Ueda-Fitzgerald.

Our Mathletes who received awards and recognition were:
Louis Avondet – 2nd place for the 6th grade paper
Yuta Hata – 2nd place for the 7th grade paper
Matthew Kaung – 2nd place for the 8th grade challenge
Yamato Okura – 3rd place for the 8th grade challenge
Ryusuke Suehiro -3rd place for the 9th grade paper

For the Mixed School Team Competitions, our award winners included:
Yamato Okura was on the first place team for the MS Energizer competition
Yuta Hata was on the 2nd place team for the MS Energizer competition
Joey Matsunaga was on the first place MS Tech challenge team
Eugene Kitahara was on the 2nd place HS Tech challenge team
Ryusuke Suehiro was on the first place HS Energizer team
Momoe Nomoto was on the 3rd place team HS Energizer team


All of our ASIJ students performed well, placing within in the top of the 300 student participants. Most of all, they all pushed themselves in challenges that required thinking skills and stretched to deeper levels in teams they had not met before. It was great to see our students showing leadership and enthusiasm over mathematics.