Making Connections at Izu

Middle school student Espi Littlefield covers the seventh-grade Extended Campus Trips to Izu—an exploration of tide pools, deep-water snorkeling adventures, kayaking and surf lessons. The experience helped students to get out of the city and into an environment that is in stark contrast to their every day life.

Izu - May 2018 Sessions 2 and 3 - 468

From May 6 through May 18, around 130 seventh-grade students traveled to Yumigahama, at the tip of the Izu peninsula. We traveled in four sessions, each with 32 kids. With the people in our sessions, we kayaked, surfed, snorkeled, explored in the tide pools and participated in multiple beach activities. Teachers took away cell phones for all three days at Izu and, despite all the complaints, it was for the best because we all got to interact and talk with each other.

In Izu we had a chance to see what we had learned from our science classes in the real world. We saw the carbon cycle, photosynthesis and the tides all in action. We also got to enjoy multiple ocean activities, such as surfing, kayaking and snorkeling. We saw many types of ocean organisms in Izu, such as starfish, sea cucumbers, fish and seaweed. With our new knowledge about the sea, we came back to Tokyo prepared to start our projects about how we can apply what we learned in Izu.

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