Congratulations Class of 2018!

Family, friends and students from every division congregated all over campus on the morning of Friday, June 1 for another year’s senior send-off. This is the first Senior Walk in the new courtyard and although the stepping-stone path has taken new form, graduates upheld the symbolic walk.


This year, 135 seniors graduated in total, three of whom graduated early. Seven entered our nursery-kindergarten (“NK”) three-year-old program and went the “lifer” distance of 15 years. This was the last class to experience our Nakameguro NK campus before moving over to the ELC in Roppongi in January of 2004. The average length of attendance at ASIJ for these seniors is just over six years—nearly one year longer than last year.

The Class of 2018 walked the campus Friday morning, parading through each divisional building, as students and parents gave their heartfelt and teary-eyed send-off. Our graduates took the opportunity to reflect on their time at ASIJ as they high-fived elementary siblings and friends, fist-bumped middle schoolers and gave goodbye hugs to their high school classmates. The senior walk concluded as the Class of ’18 scaled the stairs to the new senior stepping-stone path, walked ceremoniously atop the stones of those before them and ended at their own, designed by senior Meguna Okawa. They then passed through our historic gate, met by the warm faces of their families, friends and ASIJ faculty, welcoming them to the alumni community with waves and the sounds of camera shutters.

Following the walk, seniors gathered at Fuchu-no-Mori Hall on Saturday to attend their graduation ceremony. Kai Shimojo and Hikari Shumsky addressed their classmates as this year’s student speakers. This milestone in the life of our graduates was live streamed and preserved by ASIJ TV for family and friends around the world. It is available for viewing on the ASIJ TV Youtube channel.


Saying goodbye to our graduating students is never easy. But in a way we’re saying hello to our newest alumni! As the graduating students head out to universities around the world, we wish them the best in many new and exciting adventures.

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