The Middle School Musical: Shrek the Musical, Jr.

Once upon a time, in the land of Far, Far, Away in the province of Duloc a middle school adventure began in a swamp inhibited by an ogre named Shrek and invaded by a group of fairy tale characters who were forced to leave their homes because they did not quite fit in…

Cathy Berghahn, (middle school musical director), tells the story of the middle school musical, Shrek the Musical, Jr. Continue reading

In the Zone at the VEX Robotics Competition

This year’s VEX Robotics Competition saw 32 teams come together for a battle royale over two days of testing technical feats.

Motors whirred, steel arms extended and batteries tested as preparations began on Friday, Nov 17 for the VEX Robotics Competition. In addition to seven homegrown teams from ASIJ, including two middle school teams, local and international teams filled the ASIJ Theater and its lobby with equipment as robot inspections began on Friday morning. Joining us from overseas this year were teams from Chadwick International (South Korea), Foshan Nanhai Yanbu Middle School and Tianjin International School (China), Hong Kong International School, Pearl City High School (USA), Thai-Chinese School (Thailand) and Taipei American School. Local competitors included British School Tokyo, Christian Academy Japan, KAIS International School, St Maur International School and Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology. Continue reading

Middle Schoolers Mix-It-Up

On Wednesday Nov 8, the ASIJ Middle School had its first Mix-It-Up day for the year. Mix-It-Up Days are designed to offer students an interdisciplinary learning experience connected to the school’s mission statement of “Developing compassionate, inquisitive learners prepared for global responsibility.”

For this Mix-It-Up day, middle school teachers introduced students to a range of global issues before selecting one they felt most interested in to explore further. Wesley Przybylski (middle school learning innovation coach) details the process, learning and presentation of topics to elementary school students. Continue reading