Senior Britt Sease Signs for Arkansas

ASIJ held a celebration on November 15 to honor Mustang senior Britt Sease as he signed a national letter of intent to run track for the University of Arkansas. Families, friends, teammates, coaches and teachers gathered to share this special moment with him. Ryosuke Suzuki (track head coach, cross country co-head coach) writes on Britt’s running record at ASIJ. Continue reading

Catching Up with Cross Country

The High School cross country team has earned some major wins lately thanks to their hard work and dedication.

Far East Championship


On November 2 and 3, our cross country team competed in the Far East Championships at Camp Fuji. We captured both boys and girls team titles as well as defending the overall school title. This meet concluded our undefeated season for the boys and girls. It was also the last high school cross country race for seniors, Evan Yukevich, Tanya Riordan and Anna Sheng, who ran with our team for all four years of high school.

It was rainy and windy on the first day of competition, but it didn’t faze our runners. The boys team placed three runners in the top ten and defended their team title. The girl’s team had four runners in the top ten and won the team title by a large margin. On the second day, our boys and girls won the coed relay race to secure the overall school championship. Congratulations to the all of our runners who participated in the Far East Cross Country Championships!

ASIJ Boys Top Three (Division 1)
1st place: Evan Yukevich (Grade 12)
4th place: Ryan Nishida (Grade 11)
5th place: Britt Sease (Grade 11)
ASIJ Girls Top Three (Division 1)
1st place: Lisa Watanuki (Grade 11)
3rd place: Anna Sheng (Grade 12)
6th place: Emma Wingfield-Hayes (Grade 10)

If you would like to read more about the Far East Cross Country Championship, Stars and Stripes has published two additional articles: “ASIJ, St. Maur run to team triumphs” and “Galvin emphatically – and finally – wins Far East race.”

Asia Pacific Invitational


The high school cross country team also competed in the Asia Pacific Invitational in Guam from October 15 – 18. Evan Yukevich (Grade 12) won the boy’s race out of 167 runners, and Lisa Watanuki (Grade 11) came first out of 137 runners on the girl’s side. Both boys and girls won the team championship on the first day, and we won the coed relay race on the second day. We also won the overall school championship with a perfect score.

ASIJ Boys Top Three
1st place: Evan Yukevich (Grade 12)
5th place: Ryan Nishida (Grade 11)
10th place: Britt Sease (Grade 11)
ASIJ Girls Top Three
1st place: Lisa Watanuki (Grade 11)
3rd place: Tanya Riordan (Grade 12)
6th place: Anna Sheng (Grade 12)

Pacific Daily News and GSPN, two Guam news sites, covered the event.

Our cross country runners dedicated themselves to demanding training and always pushed each other in order to get better. They will take a short break but they will start their off-season training for track soon! (Ryosuke Suzuki, HS Track/Cross Country Coach, HS Japanese Teacher)

Cross Country records broken in the first meet of the season

Evan Yukevich (grade 11) broke ASIJ’s school record for the Tama Hills course last Saturday. He also became the first ASIJ runner to break the 15min barrier at the course.  And there was so much more to this meet! Willem Thorbecke ( grade 12) and Ryan Nishida (grade 10) broke their Personal Best records and are now ranked 5th and 12th in our top 20 all-time list. Ryan’s time is also the fastest time ever for any 10th grader ar Tama Hills.

Evan Yukevich, Willem Thorbecke and Ryan Nishida

Evan Yukevich, Willem Thorbecke and Ryan Nishida

The girls team had an equally strong showing. The top three girls of the week, Lisa Watanuki (grade 10), Emma Wingfield-Hayes (grade 9), and Anna Sheng (grade 11) all broke their Personal Best records. Lisa and Emma made the top 20 list (16th and 17th), and Anna’s time was just one place short of making the top 20. These are just the top three runners on each side, but there were also so many other personal bests as well. What’s impressive is that all of this happened in our first meet! (Ryosuke Suzuki and Steve Welckle, Cross Country Coaches)

Track and Field team takes home Far East Championship

The High School Track and Field team is back from the Far East Championships at Yokota where 22 athletes represented our school very well with great sportsmanship.  The girls’ team won the Far East championship, the boys’ team took second place, and ASIJ won the overall team championship. (Ryosuke Suzuki, HS Track Coach)


Please congratulate the following athletes for their great accomplishments at the Far East Championships:

Individual/Relay Far East Champions:

David Hernandez (12) – Long Jump

Tanya Riordan (10) – 1600m*Far East Meet Record, 3200m*Far East Meet Record

Jenna Doyno (11) – 300m Hurdles*Far East Meet Record

Anna Lewis-Workman (10) – High Jump

Liz Thornton (12) – Long Jump*Far East Meet Record

Girl’s 4x800m Relay*Far East Meet Record

[Lisa Watanuki (9), Tanya Riordan (10), Anna Sheng (10), Kiori Tanaka (9)]

Girl’s 4x400m Relay

[Sabine Hirano (11), Anna Sheng (10), Jenna Doyno (11), Liz Thornton (12)]


Top 3 Finishers:

Evan Yukevich (10) – 3rd in the 1600m

Ryan Nishida (9) – 3rd in the 3200m

David Hernandez (12) – 3rd in the Discus and High Jump

Tanya Riordan (10) – 3rd in the 800m

Lisa Watanuki (9) – 2nd in the 3200m

Saki Fujita (12) – 3rd in the 100m Hurdles

Mia Weinland (11) – 2nd in the Discus and Shot Put

Girl’s 4x100m Relay – 2nd

[Saki Fujita (12), Sabine Hirano (11), Jenna Doyno (11), Liz Thornton (12)]

Boy’s 4x800m Relay – 3rd

[Yosuke Higashi (12), Keiichiro Kinoshita (11), Ryan Nishida (9), Evan Yukevich (10)]


Top 8 Finishers:

Ken Baburek (11) – 5th in the 400m, 7th in the 200m, 8th in the 100m

Evan Yukevich (10) – 4th in the 800m

Ryan Nishida (9) – 5th in the 1600m

Ryan Murphy (11) – 4th in the High Jump, 8th in the 110m Hurdles

Boy’s 4x100m Relay – 4th

[Antonio Malacad (12), Ryan Murphy (11), Raymond Copeland (9), David Hernandez (12)]

Boy’s 4x400m Relay – 4th

[Keiichiro Kinoshita (11), Hiroki Iino (9), Ken Baburek (11), Evan Yukevich (10)]

Josh Dixon (12) – 6th in the Shot Put

Jenna Doyno (11) – 4th in the 200m

Liz Thornton (12) – 8th in the 200m

Lisa Watanuki (9) – 4th in the 1600m

Sabine Hirano (11) – 4th in the Long Jump, 7th in the 100m Hurdles

Kiori Tanaka (9) – 8th in the 300m Hurdles

Saki Fujita (12) – 6th in the Long Jump