High School Musical: Leap of Faith

The high school musical cast and crew reflect on this year’s production of Leap of Faith–the story of Jonas Nightengale, a con-man hoping to swindle money from the good folks of Sweetwater Kansas. Instead he finds his soulmate and a possible road to personal redemption, if only he can learn the true meaning of faith. Continue reading

Avast Ye! Lady Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Cath the Crazed (aka Cathy Berghahn, middle school musical director) presents the middle school musical, Lady Pirates of the Caribbean.

‘Ave a seat landlubbers, as I spin ye a tale. Aye, a tale o’ the swashbucklin’st, shanty singin’st lasses and lads ne’er before seen this side o’ the Pacific. On the eve o’ November the 10th, 11th and 12th, the middle school musical cast and crew presented Lady Pirates of the Caribbean. ‘Twas a tale of bravery an adventure. ‘Twas a tale of the Parrot Island orphans. Such a show of merriment these mates performed, the audience began a cheerin’ an a chantin’ along… Continue reading

Elementary School Parent Share Day

On September 16, the elementary school dedicated a full day to “Parent Share.” Parent Share Day included conferences, which offered valuable opportunity for early parent-teacher meetings to share hopes for the year ahead, and informational sessions by the elementary school specialists, providing insight into what students will experience in their classes. Continue reading