The Middle School Physical Education Program


What does a great Physical Education program look like in middle school? How can we promote lifelong activity and movement to adolescents? What physical skills should a middle school student be competent in as they move on to high school?

It is keeping these questions in mind that helps guide the middle school Physical Education Department as they work to support each student throughout their PE experiences in grades 6,7 and 8. Focusing on the individual as a learner and promoting ways to be a positive contributor on a team, the MS PE program offers students a chance to try a wide variety of movement activities: dance, volleyball, swimming, lacrosse, pickleball, gymnastics, frisbee and many more.

Lessons typically include a designated time to improve personal fitness, followed by skill work pertaining to the current unit of study and ending with simulated or real game play. Encouraged to do their best in every activity, students regularly rise to the challenge and demonstrate excellence. Most importantly, many students agree that they love PE class and look forward to it every other day. As teachers, it is hard not to agree! (Peter Vriend, MS PE/Health Teacher)