Python Playtime

Heidi L’Heureux (kindergarten teacher) tells the story of her kindergarten class’ learning adventure leading up to and after a visit from an unusual pet.

Squeals and laughter came from the kindergarten classroom as our young learners pounded, kneaded and rolled bread dough, forming the sticky balls into long squiggly snakes. “It looks like Mojave!” shouted one child. Mojave, Kate’s python, had come to our classroom earlier that day. His long awaited visit had come after weeks of investigating and learning about snakes.

“Why are you learning about snakes?” many have asked. The story goes like this… Continue reading

Tokyo Institute of Technology Visits Biology Class

Beth Crissy (HS Science Department Chair) details a recent visit by professors and students  from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) to our high school bioengineering class.

On September 14, our bioengineering class and International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition Team welcomed another iGem Team, comprised of Tokyo Institute of Technology professors Dr. Masayuki Yamamura (Professor of Engineering) and Dr. Nobutaka Nakashima (Professor of Molecular Biology) as well as three of their undergraduate students. Continue reading