Elementary School Parent Share Day

On September 16, the elementary school dedicated a full day to “Parent Share.” Parent Share Day included conferences, which offered valuable opportunity for early parent-teacher meetings to share hopes for the year ahead, and informational sessions by the elementary school specialists, providing insight into what students will experience in their classes. Continue reading


Tokyo Institute of Technology Visits Biology Class

Beth Crissy (HS Science Department Chair) details a recent visit by professors and students  from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) to our high school bioengineering class.

On September 14, our bioengineering class and International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition Team welcomed another iGem Team, comprised of Tokyo Institute of Technology professors Dr. Masayuki Yamamura (Professor of Engineering) and Dr. Nobutaka Nakashima (Professor of Molecular Biology) as well as three of their undergraduate students. Continue reading


Welcome Back to School

With a typhoon fast approaching Japan, it looked like the first day of school for all divisions on Wednesday, Aug 31 might have been rained out. Luckily for all, the typhoon headed up the coast and students arrived to campus for a sunny start. For many, the first chance to catch up with friends, or make new ones, came with the bus ride. Continue reading