Nothing but Net…and Quadratic Equations

High school students recently covered multiple strategies to solve and graph mathematical functions for quadratic equations. This year the high school math department explored a new way of helping high school students see the relevance of higher level mathematical concepts in the physical world by introducing a real-world aspect of quadratic equations. High school mathematics teacher, Tricia Apel, details the students’ learning process. Continue reading


An Animal Advocates Seminar

Animal rights experts visited campus on January 21 to facilitate an Animal Advocates Seminar in the high school library. Over 30 students from ASIJ, Sacred Heart, YIS, Junten and Yamate Gakuin attended the seminar to explore animal rights issues with the visiting experts and brainstorm ideas on how to make a difference in the areas of animal rights and protection. Members of ASIJ’s Animal Advocates Club and club advisor, Linda Hayakawa, cover the event. Continue reading