Eighth Grade Adventures at Lake Sai

From September 26-30, eighth graders faced both individual and team challenges during their Outward Bound experience. They took buses to the Kangakuen Camp at Lake Sai near the base of Mt. Fuji and participated in challenges that included cooking their own meals over campfires, rock climbing, orienteering, raft building and maneuvering their team over a 15 foot wall. Seven students reflect on the trip. Continue reading


Ikebana: Lisa Okazaki and the Way of Flower Arrangement

Mariko Yokosuka and Kyoko Takano (Japan Center Co-Directors) welcome Lisa Okazaki (Grade 12) to the Japan Center, where she is offering monthly presentations on ikebana during activity period.

This school year, the Japan Center will focus on the theme of dou ( ). The character 道, read michi or dou in Japanese, translates to “path” or “the way of,” respectively. The latter dou is a term used to denote the fundamental principle underlying a system of thought or belief, an art or a skill. It is commonly used to describe the code of behavior in traditional Japanese disciplines. Continue reading


The ELC Fall Family Festival

Jean Caskey (Early Learning Center Director) writes about the Early Learning Center’s Fall Family Festival, an annual event welcoming families and students for a day of activities, food and fun.

Fall Family Festival! What a fun day it was at the ELC with all of the special events all around the school. The ELC Fall Family Festival was held on a beautiful cool fall day, October 7, with an amazing 98% attendance rate by ELC Families. Continue reading