ASIJ joins Global Online Academy

This year ASIJ has become part of a global consortium of schools called the Global Online Academy (GOA). As a member school we now offer the possibility of an extended learning experience to our high school students. Founded by a group of prestigious schools in the US and overseas, GOA is a connected learning community of high profile schools now joined by ASIJ. This year we have three students who have enrolled in the following courses: Multivariable Calculus, Comparative Government and Medical Problem Solving.

The Global Online Academy courses bring together groups of students from some of the best schools in the world taught by leading teachers in each field, to study new and contemporary ideas in a global context. Class sizes are small and selective in that only four students from any one school can enroll, ensuring a vibrant mix of students from many backgrounds. In doing so, students from all over the world collaborate to offer their local perspectives on global issues. Classmates in Washington, DC, and San Francisco work on projects with peers in Madaba-Manja and Jordan. Students in Hawaii and Chicago discuss global health issues with students in New York, Seattle, Boston, Tokyo and Jakarta. These connections and interactions are becoming the norm in today’s society; it is essential that we prepare students to do this now.

This year teachers from ASIJ will join the Global Online Academy as course writers and teachers to offer courses in the next school year. We are particularly interested in the expertise our teachers can add to this consortium and to broaden our skill set as teachers embracing new teaching and learning models. (Paul O’Neill, Director of Teaching & Learning)

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