Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

IMG_4427The high school completed four successful shows of Rajiv Joseph’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo. The actors in both the main and understudy cast met the challenge of creating characters of haunted American soldiers, displaced tigers, and Iraqi despots and innocents all grappling with the meaning of death, control, and loss. Students working on set, lights, sound, costumes, and make-up all worked extremely hard and succeeded in giving the show the feel of a haunted Baghdad. The show included surprises like sand pouring down onto the stage, a perfectly eerie animated film (produced by Sarah Sutter’s computer design students under the additional instruction of visiting artist Cosmo Segurson), and tension-inducing live taiko drumming played by English teacher Karen Noll in the catwalk above the audience. Reactions to this atypical high school play were overwhelmingly positive and indicative of the wonderfully reflective nature of the ASIJ students and community. (Becky Gessert, HS play director)