At the ELC, we’ve been promoting wrestling — sumo wrestling that is!

In school, usually wrestling is frowned upon, and teachers do everything they can to prevent it.  At the ELC, we’ve been promoting wrestling—sumo wrestling that is!  On Tuesday, February 5,  the PTA treated us to a visit by two young Sumo Wrestlers.  These young men were extremely patient and friendly with our aspiring, want-to-be sumo wrestlers.  The three, four, five and six-year old children learned so much from them!  They were so proud, when they wrestled with real sumo wrestlers and won!  The children were very interested, not only in the physical aspect of this sport, but also in the ritual and history.  They learned that the sumo tradition is ancient and that the ritual of salt purification is still a part of the sport today.  The children have been practicing sumo during recess time every day in preparation for this special event. This visit taught our children a great deal and will no doubt create the next generation of Sumo fans. (Judy Beneventi, ELC Director)