Grade 8’s outdoor adventure at the base of Mt. Fuji

Grade 8 students got to enjoy the great outdoors while deepening friendships at the Lake Sai Outward Bound experience from October 21-25. Lake Sai is one of five lakes at the base of Mt. Fuji and the area offers students a fantastic outdoor learning opportunity close to home. While here, can put into action the primary goal of this trip: to push yourself beyond what you thought you could.

Outward Bound Japan are the instructors of scheduled activities like rock climbing, raft building and racing, orienteering and problem solving initiatives like “The Wall” and “Spider Web.” Teachers and students bond and learn a lot about each other during this trip. Other activities include participating in night activities led by students, bathing at a local onsen and preparing meals over an open fire. Students are definitely changed and teachers aim to help students carry this experience forward into their lives at home and school. (Michelle Juhasz-Stevens, MS Science/Health/PE)

Here are some comments from students following the trip:

“The Wall seemed impossible but I learned that with teamwork you can accomplish big things.”

“I think the biggest learning experience was when I learned that the people in my group were trying to work as a team and I wasn’t.”

“I learned that I am not the only leader and with the help others, anything is possible.”

“I had to trust my group with almost everything: the cooking, the wall, the spider web, etc. That was difficult because sometimes I don’t really trust people very well!”

“I became more comfortable talking and working with people I have never worked with before.”