6th grade Creative Design students lock up a safety problem

6th graders in Creative Design class recently had the opportunity to meet with their “clients” to propose several solutions to a real world, very local problem: locker doors are falling!  It was discovered that the metal doors on book lockers may come off if bumped upwards and this situation can be dangerous to a student who may be getting into the locker below.  Several students have reported bumps and bruises from falling locker doors.

Design Thinking was at the forefront as students investigated, developed and refined prototype safety devices to keep the locker doors in their place. Using 3D modeling as well as more traditional graphics, students “pitched” their best designs to Middle School Administrators Dr. Adams and Ms. Plantecoaste as well as Mr. Nakayoshi, ASIJ Facilities Maintenance Manager.

The interview/meeting time allowed students to get feedback on how well their ideas fit the specific needs of their clients. Beyond the engineering of the product, discussions with school officials also included advantageous design features such as materials choice, costs for device manufacture, and labor of installation for the numerous lockers in the MS hallways.

As an important part of the design process, students will use the feedback to produce improved prototypes before a last proposal is submitted to their clients for a final decision. If all goes well, you may be seeing a student-designed product/solution to the locker door problem in the MS hallways soon! (Glenn Hoskins, MS Science/Creative Design)