The Elementary Egg Drop


Look out below! Eggs on the loose!  As an introduction to physics and creative design, third graders conceptualized and built structures in order to protect an egg from a four meter drop. It was a race against time; using materials such as balloons, popsicle sticks, newspaper and tape the students designed, built and adapted their prototypes to create a solution to this dilemma before the big drop.

One constraint the grade 3 students had to work with was how to make their designs as environmentally friendly as possible. Each material was “priced” with a cost to the earth; materials that decompose quickly such as newspaper were only one point but materials that were less sustainable such as plastic and styrofoam had up to 20 points attached! The team who ultimately made an egg-safe packing at the lowest cost to the environment won the challenge.

Some eggs were not very fortunate and cracked under faulty design. Other eggs survived the drop, but the packaging was not environmentally friendly. All in all, it was a messy but fun way to learn about science, design and sustainability. (Dana Melvin, ES Teacher)