An Early Year with Cheer Camp

Every year, the Cheerleading team starts school a bit early. The team’s early start is to participate in Cheer Camp, honing their skills in preparation for the Fall and Winter seasons.

Cheer Camp is a four-day collaboration between the National Cheer Association and our Cheer team. Kicking off the 2015 season, the NCA sent Michael Perez and Gizelle Day, two experienced cheer coaches, to run the intensive and highly successful camp. Both Michael and Gizelle have an extensive background in cheer and have worked with the NCA for many years.

The Cheer team always looks forward to the challenging and exciting experience. With the help of their coaches, Abby Radmilovich and Chris Johnson, and guidance of the NCA experts, our Cheerleading team works hard to create a positive foundation for the Mustang cheer year.