A Super Soba Excursion

This week and next, nearly 90 second-grade students have been celebrating a new unit with a quick trip to the soba shop. The unit’s focus? Celebrations.


The true reason for the annual soba trip, a more than 10-year-old start to the new year, lies in a bit of history and is not simply to ring in the new unit. The second-grade soba lunch was originally the beginning of a social studies unit on Japan, but the trip has turned into a valuable tradition in itself.

The excursion began with a brief walk, past Nogawa Park, to Mikarino Soba Shop—a long-time favorite lunch spot of the school community.

Students entered the traditional restaurant, greeted by fresh fish and a master noodler.

During their brief wait—good soba takes a little TLC, after all—the students discussed among themselves and with their teachers how to properly eat their traditional dish of buckwheat noodles. They then ate and, after finishing, warmed up with some soba-yu (a drink made with water that the soba was cooked in, and a bit of the dipping sauce).

"Did you eat the wasabi?"..."Yes"

“Did you eat the wasabi?”…”Yes”

Sufficiently satiated, students made the brisk walk back to school and went directly to lunch!