It’s a Bird! It’s a Goat! It’s Doubutsu Mura!

Petting zoo professionals, Doubutsu Mura, visited ASIJ on Friday, April 14 and brought with them a whole host of enthusiastic critters.


As the nice weather rolls in, with it comes the annual petting zoo. Kindergartners welcomed 120 furry and feathered friends to ASIJ. The animals were all eager to meet the children, especially the chickens. The students even saw one lay an egg! The menagerie provided an opportunity for our students to have a first-hand experience on how to handle and care for a diversity of creatures.

The children had an awesome time petting, feeding and holding their favorite animals. This year’s favorite were the baby chicks. With their yellow, fluffy fur and adorable little feet, students were thrilled to pick them up and spend time with them. “This chick is my new friend.” Emily said, while holding the baby chick. You could overhear other kindergartners create new friendships with the animals on their visit.

The petting zoo offers a first-hand experience that is one-of-a-kind, exposing the students to a variety of creatures and critters that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with. As one student confirms, “I’ve never seen a ferret before!”


Everyone was sad to see the animals go, but the Doubutsu Mura was a valuable learning experience, marking the start of the kindergarteners’ pet unit.