Pirates! The Elementary School Musical

Mindy Coon (elementary school teacher) spins ye a yarn ove the high seas and arrr first ever elementary school musical.


Shiver Me Timbers! I hope you didn’t miss out when the new multi-purpose room hosted its first after-school full-length elementary school musical on May 18 and 19. Under the direction of elementary school teachers Lindsay Reynolds and Mindy Coon with support from Andrea Johnston (middle school teacher), Kellie Bohanon (elementary school teacher) and Amy Welbourn (elementary school teacher), the cast and crew of 62 third, fourth and fifth-grade students told the story of a crew of rollicking pirates brought to life through dancing, music, lights, action and fun!

The story, performed by different cast members for each show, follows a stowaway, played by Lea Hassan (grade 4) and Yuna Schrepfer (grade 4), who wanted nothing more than to be a real life blow-me-down pirate of the Swashbuckling Sea. But first she had to prove to King of the High “Cs,” played by Kyle Fredrickson (grade 5) and Emi Schrepfer (grade 4), and his crew of sea dogs that she had what it takes!

The cast and crew were dedicated and excited from the get-go. Many of them had to overcome their fears and step outside of their comfort zone in order to audition. Cast members attended bi-weekly rehearsals with smiles and grew together as a team over the course of the 10 week production.


If you missed Pirates! The Musical or would like to revisit the show, watch the performance below.